Tinnitus – Some of you may have recognized that after attending a pop show or a noisy nightclub or brothel, you realize that you have ringing in your ears. I’m sure you’ve been in this situation, as I tell myself;

Tinnitus causes

Tinnitus Causes Below is a list of the most common causes of tinnitus, the causes can be permanent, but they will not worry and are not depressing.

Inner ear

The inner ear may deteriorate slightly, which may be the cause of tinnitus, the end product may be corruption inside the ear. Basically, the process by which sound passes through the ear is from the outer to the inner ear, the inner ear is vital in this process. Here you have auditory nerves and cochlea.

The cochlea is best described as a coiled spiral tube, and with it are thousands of sensitive hair cells. The auditory nerve plays an important role as it delivers all the sounds it pings and pings in the brain. Logically, if any minute part of the cochlea is damaged, then the signals that are sent to the brain are distorted and some parts of the brain do not receive any signals.

The cochlea works harder to send these signals to the brain, and the damaged area of the cochlea does nothing, so work areas that are receptive and working must compensate for the areas that are damaged.

The working components of the cochlea are identified by the brain and normal processes resume, but with the sounds of tinnitus (buzzing, ringing, spinning) in the ear. The signals are sent by the cochlea, as is usually the case with the brain, and the noises that are made are due to the overload of the sound, because not all of the cochlea functions properly.

A common problem with older people is tinnitus, as hearing loss is a natural process as we age. Tinnitus will occur and hearing will decrease as the sensitivity of the auditory nerves gradually decreases. Young people also experience tinnitus and the main cause of tinnitus here is hearing exposure to excessive noise, such as pop concerts.

The first visit to an ear specialist cannot reveal the cause (s) of tinnitus and can therefore be a very difficult and stressful time of your life while looking for answers. Tinnitus causes can sometimes remain un-diagnosed, so we explore our own decisions to explain the disease. So what other factors can cause this annoying and uncomfortable disease, here I have listed the natural causes of tinnitus:

The ear mix can block the ear over time

Infection / inflammation of the middle ear

Glue for ear otosclerosis – Irregular bone development can be another factor and is often a genetic problem that is passed from one generation to another. Bone irregularities are common in the middle ear and can lead to hearing loss

Meniere’s disease – sufferers have difficulty in their balance, this problem can be found in the inner ear or as the labyrinth is known

Paget’s disease – if any damage to the bones in the ear is caused, then repair and improvement are delayed, this reduces the repair cycle

Anemia – tinnitus, tinnitus sounds heard may be the result of fewer red blood cells and thinner blood. The blood then circulates to the ear at a faster rate and sounds are heard by these blood cells, which accelerate through the cochlea and the brain captures the sound.

Perforated eardrum

Other common causes of tinnitus

Shaking your head or injuring the same

Strong shots or explosions near the ear are often responsible for tinnitus

Acoustic neuroma – this is illustrated as a rare, non-cancerous breakdown that invades the inner ear nerve

Adverse reactions to established drugs, e.g. Antibiotics, diuretics, quinine and aspirin. This is normal if you exceed the correct dose

Exceeding the recommended limits of alcohol and drug misuse

Outside of thyroid control or narrowing of the arteries due to high blood pressure may be another factor

Stress is often cited as a cause of tinnitus, but this is incorrect, as it only makes his condition worse if left untreated and is often the main cause of tinnitus. There are methods described in a previous article to reduce stress levels, the sudden loss of a loved one is the best example of a set of tinnitus, as it can be a very stressful episode in any life.