Barcelona team captain Carles Puyol (Carles Puyol) tried to prevent Messi from participating in the Beijing Olympics with the national team because Messi’s name was announced at a press conference for the Argentine national team to participate.

Olympics  UEFA Champions League

One of the main reasons why Barcelona does not want the Argentines to participate in the Olympics is that the UEFA Champions League qualifiers will be held on the same date. Therefore; he will put all possible young players on the field, so as to maintain a full state in the European Championship.

It is indeed a very controversial situation, because Messi may be suspended during the Olympic Games, because FIFA regulations point out that all players under the age of 23, if they must participate, must be released to the national team. On the other hand; Puyol insists that Messi is a key player. For the Barcelona club, it is a critical period. If the players are missing from the team’s roster, it is indeed a disaster.

“We have a great team, but Messi is an important player for us, one of the best players in the world,” Puyol said at the team’s pre-season training camp on Thursday. This situation is a topic, we can’t really enter because we can’t control it. Let us hope it is resolved and we can count on him to be with us.

After Ronaldino left Barcelona FC, his new Italian team AC Milan; the Argentine has become the main star of the Spanish club because his contribution is amazing. On the other hand; despite his inability to perform at his best due to injuries in the last two seasons, the Brazilians have given great impetus to Barcelona’s work. Puyol admitted that Ronaldino will be remembered as the best player on the Catalan roster.

Barcelona Football Club Sports Director Tesiki Begiristan announced that the team has reached a tight agreement with the Argentine Football Association in order to reach an agreement with them; as Qu Xu said in an interview: “Where are we? I hope that Messi can participate in the first round of the UEFA Champions League (third round qualifier), and then we will release him to participate in the Olympics. We understand that reaching this agreement is the best solution. If we get good results, Well, and not overconfident in article search, we should be able to go to the players.

So far, the Argentine Football Association has not yet accepted the terms and conditions of this transaction, but it can certainly prevent future disputes; they will wait to see how it turns out.

Other European clubs, such as Bremen and Schalke, do not hope that their Brazilian players Rafinha and Diego will become part of the Beijing Football Championship, and have taken a petition to the Sports Arbitration Court, the highest body of sports. Therefore; it will decide whether the athletes will participate in the Olympics next month in August.