6 points for a touchdown

Touchdowns are the most important goal in football, as they are the ones that result in the most points. A touchdown is scored when a player crosses the opposing team’s goal line and into the end zone. The football must be in the hands of the players and “break the plane” of the goal line. A touchdown is scored when the ball breaks the plane on the run, and what occurs after that is irrelevant. Following a score, the offensive football team is given the option of kicking an extra point or converting a two-point conversion.

1 point for an extra point

After a touchdown, an extra point might be attempted. The ball is placed on the 2-yard line in the NFL and the 3-yard line in college, and the team tries to kick the ball through the uprights. They receive one point if they make it, and this is referred to as a PAT (Point After Touchdown).

2 points for a two-point conversion

After a touchdown, a two-point conversion can be attempted. The ball is placed on the 2-yard line (NFL) or 3-yard line (NFL), much like the extra point (college). As with a touchdown, the team seeks to advance the ball across the goal line in this situation. They only get one shot, and they gain two points to get the ball across the goal.

Compared to the extra point, this is more difficult and hazardous. Most teams do not try the different end until the last seconds of the game. If they truly require two points, they will take the risk.

3 points on a field goal

When the placekicker kicks the ball through the uprights, it is called a field goal. It may be tried at any moment, but it is most commonly done on fourth down with the ball inside the opponent’s 35-yard line. To calculate the length of a field goal, add 10 yards for the distance from the end zone to the line of scrimmage and another 7 yards for the snap of the ball back to the holder to the line of scrimmage. To calculate the field goal length, add 17 yards to the line of scrimmage marker. It would be a 47-yard field goal attempt if the football were on the 30-yard line.

2 points for safety

Safety happens when an offensive player is tackled behind the goal line by the defense. If a punt is dropped or blocked in the kicking team’s end zone, security is also given. In the instance of a penalty on the offensive football team in the end zone, such as holding, safety is sometimes given.